Where your customers start

With every web presence, design is at its heart and is often where you start. At Nomad Web we aren't interested in the latest fad nor overloading your customers to try and show off: it makes it hard for you to manage your website and it alienates your customer, turning your website into something that your customers automatically perceive as 'junk mail'.

We'll work with you to make sure that your customers are welcomed to your online presence rather than find reasons to leave. 

Understanding your customers

When your customers have first arrived at your website, they've already committed to spending at least a small amount of time with you. We will spend the time with you to understand how customers are coming to you, what they are looking for or what they have come to do.

From here we can deliver a custom design that is both engaging and functional for your audience.

Understanding you

While understanding your customers is the most important mindset to have when delivering a design, understanding you is the next. We know that having an interface to administer your website that is both easy and enjoyable will help you continually engage with your customers, keep them interested as well as keep search engines interested so that your website returns high results.

We use SilverStripe™ to help deliver this enjoyable experience to you and our developers have the same drive to deliver an easy, enjoyable and reliable experience to both your customer and you.

How we work with you

When we start looking at designing a website for you we will document everything you would like to achieve on your website as well as give recommendations about how your customers are likely find you online. Once this is complete, we can go through and give an accurate quote so you don't suffer from unexpected expenses, blown out timelines nor wind up with something you didn't expect.